Terms & Conditions

Booking terms & conditions

  1. Booking and payment.

Initial deposit is 50% of the total booking. Making the payment of the initial deposit you are confirming the reservation and accepting this terms & conditions and cancelation policy. The second payment has to be made at least 45 days before your arrival. If the booking is less than 45 days before your arrival, the total reservation price has to be paid in full.

  1. Cancelation policy.

A cancelation can be only made in written form via Email to bookings@3villas.com

The following conditions apply to a cancelation by the guest:

  • Before 45 days of the arrival date applies a 50% charge of the total reservation price.
  • Between 45 days before the arrival and the arrival date a 100% charge.
  • Grace period. If the guest cancelation is within 48 hours of booking and at least 14 days before check-in. If the guest cancels less than 14 days in advance before check in, any refund or grace period will apply.

  1. Passport information.

You need to provide Advance Passenger Information (API) before you go on holiday. It’s also called APIS, this process is equivalent to a hotel check in service.

The following information must be provided for all member of your party in advanced.

Gender (where required)


Passport/ID card expiry date.

Country where the passport/ID card was issued.

Passport number/ID card.

Date of birth.

Full name (as it appears on the passport/ID card)

  1. Special needs and requirements

If you have a medical condition or allergies that could affect your stay in the                   property, please advise before booking to ensure the house fits your needs or if the house needs extra preparation. It is your responsibility to advise us regarding this    matter.

  1. Local taxes and charges

Any additional or newly Government taxes are not included in the price. For instance, all hosts of certified legal tourism rentals in the Baleares have the duty to collect the tourism tax from the guests for the government.

  1. Security deposit

All houses or villas has a security deposit from €300 up to €900. This deposit is payable up to 10 days before your booking. This deposit will be refunded to you less any possible damage within 3 weeks of your return date

  1. Behaviour

If your behaviour is inappropriate or cause danger, damage, or distress to one of our employees, representatives or third part, we reserve the right to cancel your booking or any other services and we will not give you any refund.

  1. General Houserules

Respect the nature, do not throw trash into gardens or nature.

No Smoking inside the house.

Parties or Events only with previous permission.

Pets are not allowed.

Respect the Check-in and Check-out times. Earlier Checkin or later Checkout only possible with explixit permission.

Please report broken things, to avoid problems for us with future guests

Please treat the house as if it’s your own.

  1. Law and Jurisdiction

This Booking Contract (including any non-contractual obligations arising under or in relation to this Booking Contract) between you and us is governed by the law of Spain and we both agree that any dispute, matter or other issue which arises between us will be exclusively dealt with by the Courts of Spain.